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Announcing "Teaching Tools" – A New Exertions Forum

Published onMay 28, 2022
Announcing "Teaching Tools" – A New Exertions Forum

The Society for the Anthropology of Work, in collaboration with the AAA journal The Anthropology of Work Review, is excited to introduce a new focus area on Exertions — “Teaching Tools” — designed to advance our section’s goals for teaching and learning about the anthropology of work.

As the new Associate Editor, I’m looking forward to working with the section’s membership and readers in building this project. Our vision for this section of the website includes:

  • Building out teaching tools that engage critically with the back-files of the Anthropology of Work Review, and with new scholarship in recent issues;

  • Developing a resource base for educators interested in ethnographic approaches to work that both engages with and expands the ‘canon’;

  • Linking the anthropology of work to other disciplines and strands of scholarship, particularly foregrounding the contributions of Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) scholars and the work of others from marginalized backgrounds;

  • Curating conversations between scholars working in the anthropology of work on the practice (and labour) of pedagogy;

  • Highlighting creative best practices in teaching in the anthropology of work.

The first contribution is by Zachary Sheldon, whose piece in the journal’s July 2021 issue examines the question of time in the workplace. He supplements the article’s intervention with a teaching post on labor and time, with an extended reflection on ‘The Working Day’ chapter from Marx’s Capital: Volume I, where he shows us how he reads and teaches the text, and how ethnographic approaches might situate Marxist analysis.

We welcome and solicit contributions to this section, which could include reading lists and syllabi, reflections on teaching and learning, strategies for implementing critical pedagogical approaches, or any resources that engage with teaching the anthropology of work. Please submit your pitch to Shruti Iyer (

Shruti Iyer

DPhil Candidate in Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford

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