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SAW Events at the 2022 AAA Meetings

Check out the SAW-sponsored events at the 2022 annual American Anthropological Association conference in Seattle

Published onNov 08, 2022
SAW Events at the 2022 AAA Meetings

Please join us for the following SAW-sponsored events in Seattle:

  • SAW Business Meeting: Friday 11/11 @ 12:15-1:25 pm PST Sheraton Hotel, Grand Ballroom A

  • SAW and SEA joint Reception: Friday 11/11 @ 8:30 pm PST in Sheraton Hotel, Juniper Room


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SAW Events at the 2022 AAA Meetings among us

  • SAW Business Meeting: Friday 11/11 @ 12:15-1:25 pm PST Sheraton Hotel, Grand Ballroom A.

  • SAW and SEA joint Reception: Friday 11/11 @ 8:30 pm PST in Sheraton Hotel, Juniper Room.

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I'm interested in attending the word wipe, but I need to know if registration is required. Is there something I have to do to join in?

Yang Ruflo:

Awesome. Actually in Ottawa there will be Jan 23 event of SAW, though it would be great, I wouldn’t be able to. Props to the team for effort.
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The readability of the content is pretty high, and I’m sure since it is sponsored, many delegates will attend.

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