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Call for 2023 SAW Book Prize Submissions

Published onApr 06, 2023
Call for 2023 SAW Book Prize Submissions

The SAW Book Prize is awarded each year by the Society for the Anthropology of Work, a section of the American Anthropological Association. In 2023, the prize will be awarded to a monograph with a publication date of 2020 or later.  No edited volumes, please. The prize is awarded at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association and carries an award of $500, or $250 each in the case of multiple authors. 

SAW invites submissions from all four fields of anthropology and from both authors and publishers. Self-nominations are welcome. The committee seeks to highlight scholarship that offers new empirical and analytical insights on work and labor, broadly conceived. Submissions should address issues of general concern to the subfield and to anthropology as a whole, as well as to the public. 

Deadline for receiving books is MAY 5, 2023.  Please send copies of the nominated books to the prize committee and direct any questions to the committee chair, Lilly Irani ([email protected]). 

Dr. Lilly Irani
Department of Communication
9500 Gilman Dr #0503
La Jolla, CA 92093-0503

Dr. Waqas H. Butt
Department of Anthropology
19 Ursula Franklin St.
Toronto, ON, M5S 2S2 Canada
Ebook: [email protected]

Dr. Darren Byler
Simon Fraser University
School for International Studies
7200-515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver BC 
Canada V6B 5K3

Preview Image: "book stack" by ginnerobot is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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