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Anthropology of Work Review: Editor Search

Anthropology of Work Review Editor Search

The Executive Board of the Society for the Anthropology of Work invites applications for the position of Editor of the Anthropology of Work Review. The editorship is a three-year term that will begin in December 2018.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of application outlining relevant academic and/or editorial experience along with a CV to Nina Brown: [email protected] by May 25, 2018. Questions about the journal or the position may also be directed to Nina Brown.

Responsibilities of the Editor

Manuscript Evaluation

  • Screening and initial evaluation of research article submissions using the ScholarOne platform;
  • Identifying scholars who can provide peer review of manuscripts, assigning manuscripts to reviewers, and ensuring timely responses (through ScholarOne);
  • Assessing article submissions in the context of both peer review and his/her own evaluation to make decisions about acceptance, revision, or rejection;
  • Communicating with authors through email and ScholarOne regarding the outcome of peer review and, in the case of revisions, providing clear directions for changes;
  • Evaluating revisions of manuscripts to ensure that they have been responsive to feedback provided by the reviewers and editor(s);
  • Soliciting and evaluating special issues, or other special content;
  • Coordinating the selection of book/media reviews in partnership with the Reviews Editor;
  • Working with the Assistant Editor on tasks associated with manuscript evaluation, review, and preparation in ways that provide the Assistant Editor with skills and experience in journal editing;
  • Meeting standards of timeliness set across the AAA journal portfolio, including a benchmark of 8-10 week deadlines for decisions on submitted manuscripts;
  • Prepare an annual report for the SAW Treasurer and the AAA Director of Publishing.

Journal Production

  • Sending journal content to the copyeditor on a timely schedule (a minimum of four months before the Wiley production deadline);
  • Communicating with authors about proposed changes from copyediting and ensuring that these changes are acceptable to the authors;
  • Evaluating images/charts/tables to ensure that there are no copyright issues that would prevent publication;
  • Providing the finalized content to Wiley-Blackwell and meeting subsequent deadlines to review copyediting and typesetting proofs;

Selection of Assistant Editor and Reviews Editor: The incoming Editor has the option of recommending an Assistant Editor and Reviews Editor to the SAW board upon the expiration of the current editors’ terms. The Assistant Editor has a one-year renewable term ending annually in May. The Reviews Editor has a three-year renewable term ending in May 2019. The SAW board/President has final approving authority.

Financial Support: SAW provides $700 to support travel expenses associated with attending the AAA annual meeting.