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SAW Awards and Prizes

The Conrad Arensberg Prize was established by the Society for the Anthropology of Work in 1991 to recognize outstanding contributions to the field. List of past recipients.

The Diana Forsythe Prize was created in 1998 to celebrate the best book or series of published articles in the spirit of Diana Forsythe’s feminist anthropological research on work, science, and/or technology, including biomedicine. The Prize is awarded annually at the meeting of the American Anthropological Association by a committee consisting of one representative from the Society for the Anthropology of Work (SAW) and two from the Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing (CASTAC). It is supported by the General Anthropology Division (GAD) and Bern Shen. List of Past Recipients.

Self-nominations are welcomed. To be eligible, books must have been published in the last five years (copyright of 2009 or later). The current submission deadline is July 1, 2016 (early nominations appreciated) and nominations should be sent via email to Selection Committee Chair Stefan Helmreich at Publishers, please send a copy of nominated titles to each of the selection committee members listed below

Stefan Helmreich
Department of Anthropology
Room E53-335Q
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA

Nina Brown
Department of Anthropology
Community College of Baltimore County
7201 Rossville Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21237-3899

Alexander Edmonds
18 Buccleuch Place 3.24
Edinburgh EH8 9LD

The Eric R. Wolf Prize was established to honor graduate student research on the topic of the anthropology of work, broadly defined. The award will go to the paper that best demonstrates an anthropological approach to the study of work in the tradition of political economic scholarship modeled and encouraged by Eric Wolf.  The Society for the Anthropology of Work invites graduate students to submit previously unpublished manuscripts for consideration. The recipient of the Eric Wolf Prize will receive a $250 cash award along with the possibility of having his or her essay reviewed for possible publication in the Anthropology of Work Review. List of past recipients.

Submissions need to be received by October 1, 2015 to be considered for this year’s prize.  All submissions should be emailed as attached Word documents to Samuel Collins (, chair of the Wolf Prize Committee. Graduate students need not be members of the Society for the Anthropology of Work to submit essays in the competition, but SAW student memberships are available at an affordable cost with membership in the AAA. Word documents should be 25 pages or less, double-spaced, and all identifying information needs to be in the accompanying email (identifying headers and footers need to be removed before sending the document). Please direct any questions about the SAW Eric Wolf Prize to Sam Collins:

The June Nash Travel Award is available to students who present papers on SAW reviewed panels at the AAA. If you are a student and are presenting a paper on an SAW panel at the AAAs, please contact Charles Menzies ( for further information.

The Society for the Anthropology of Work Book Prize is awarded to single or co-authored monographs or edited collections published within the past three years. The criteria are the significance of the research, relevance for the anthropology of work, clarity and effectiveness of the presentation, and appeal to a wider audience in anthropology and beyond. Preference will be given to books based on fieldwork and which have not received another award or prize. We invite nominations from scholars in all four subfields, book editors, and publishers, including self-nominations. The prize will be awarded at the business meeting of the Society for the Anthropology of Work at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. List of past recipients.

Please send an email to co-chairs Jim Weil at and Eve Hochwald at, describing the book’s contribution to the field, accompanied by reviews, if available. You then will be asked to send copies of the book to the committee members.

The Society for the Anthropology of Work Film Award recognizes the valuable contributions anthropologists are making in the area of ethnographic film. Contact Charles Menzies ( for more information.